MGR Information Technology Professionals

MGR Information Technology is the IT Business Unit of MGR Advisors and has been offering a broad range of Information Technology services to the business community for over ten years.

Located in Bendigo, we have skilled professionals and resources available to ensure that your customers receive high quality, efficient and cost effective IT services.

MGR Information Technology maintains strong affiliations with a number of professional bodies and associations. This results in strong industry support and knowledge sharing for the benefit of our clients. Our status as a Microsoft Certified Partner recognises our proven track record of providing quality IT services based on Microsoft platforms.

Browse through the menu above to find out more about our services and how we can help your business. To keep up with the latest from MGR IT, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter of follow us on Twitter - @mgrinfotech. As part of the MGR Accountants group, MGR IT has the backing of one of regional Victoria's largest business services practises.

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IT Problems? Hand them to us

There is nothing more frustrating than wrestling with technology issues when trying to run a business. Every day you work hard to serve your customers and grow your enterprise, so when your systems crash or simply fail to keep up it presents a disruption to your business that you just can't afford.

Or how about when you ring through to tech support and can only speak to a machine who cannot tell you when your issues will be fixed or how long your system will run smoothly before more problems arise?

If you've had enough IT headaches to last a lifetime, give us a chance to show you how efficient and secure your business systems can be.


Here’s how we do it. (Click to find out more).



  • First, we listen to what you have to say about what's wrong
  • We ask questions about what your highest expectations could be from your business systems
  • We roll up our sleeves to fix not just the symptoms but the core issues behind them


  • Next we work with you to investigate how we might reduce the cost and complexity of your systems right across your business
  • We strive to increase the stability and efficiency of your technology environment
  • We find ways to slash your infrastructure costs and streamline your processes
  • Our goal is to take your technology hassles right off your plate so you can focus on the business projects which will deliver you greater value and better utilize your expertise


  • We then discuss with you whether it makes sense to upsource the management of your technology environment to us
  • For a reasonable monthly investment, you are likely to receive double (or more) an equivalent value related to productivity, cost savings and capitalised opportunities
  • We provide continuous and proactive environment monitoring and support to avoid expensive, frustrating disruptions to your service
  • With an upsourced arrangement you know exactly who is responsible for the performance and security of your systems
  • Leave the headaches to us. That's what we're here for


  • Once your backend systems are unburdened and humming along, we can take stock of what new and innovative technologies are available today that might unlock the value that lies underutilised across your network
  • We can help improve your application delivery and user experience or connect up disparate functions of your network to help you extract valuable insights from your business data
  • We always seek to fully optimise your systems to deliver outcomes that are directly aligned with your strategic objectives


  • Your staff, and I mean all of them, are the best I have ever seen. Personality with IT skills. We have and will enjoy working with you for years to come. Your company is a breath of fresh air in the IT world and to my company – Andrew Zegelin (Director)

  • Professional service with excellent IT support – Vanessa Knight

  • They have good support and will explain options. They will talk to you on the phone and have the patience to try and help you through with problems or even just general information – Sue Reilly

  • IT support provided is excellent. The service provided is always prompt for urgent IT issues and all MGR IT personnel are very friendly and easy to talk to – Frank Mandaradoni

  • The response times are great – Andrew Etchells