ABC Medical Services

    The Persistent Headache Even the Doctor Couldn’t Fix

    Dr. Sam’s IT headaches finally got the best of him when he had to reboot his office computer for the third time in a day and his tech support was unavailable because he was on holidays.

    ABC Medical Services is a quickly growing specialist medical practice with five locations across Melbourne and Central Victoria. Dr. Sam and his staff pride themselves on being innovative leaders in their field but their IT systems were consistently letting them down and preventing them from being as responsive and efficient as their clients needed them to be.

    Signs and Symptoms

    For example, Dr. Sam’s primary business application that captured patient information, medical results and diagnostic data was several versions behind the latest available, meaning that the recommended drug and medical code contained within the system was outdated.

    Futhermore, the system crashed frequently requiring Dr. Sam and his staff to capture patient data manually and enter information into the system at a later point. This frustrating situation caused frequent patient delays, duplicated and often inaccurate information across the multiple PC’s and longer working days for all the staff.

    As if that weren’t enough, remote access to the system was unreliable and slow, and emails data, calendars and address books were unsynchronised across the business devices. This meant that booking appointments, emailing patients and updating or deleting files had to be done manually and then replicated across all the different devices.

    Take two of these and call us…

    MGR IT hit the ground running by finding out exactly what wsa ailing Dr. Sam and looking beyond the symptoms to address the root causes of the issues. The team then built a big-picture view of the numerous possibilities that were available to both simplify Dr. Sam’s existing IT environment and optimise precisely how an improved environment could help the business run more efficiently and profitably. In this case, the best solution was to install a hybrid cloud-based solution that included a new server with updated application software along with an Office 365 email solution.

    Dr. Sam and his staff now have the benefit of a secure and reliable business platform that is available precisely when they need it, wherever they happen to be. All staff now have access to patient files, appointment bookings, staff calendar and email accounts from any of their approved devices from any office-based or remote location.

    Prevention is the best cure

    Perhaps Dr. Sam’s favourite part of his new and improved IT solution is the managed services agreement that provides on-call support when he needs it most, combined with preventive maintenance services that ensure continuous IT health and longevity for Dr. Sam’s industry-leading medical practise. Practising what he preaches indeed!