Is a Virtual CIO right for your business?

    As more and more of our mission-critical business services run through our IT systems, we as business owners need to take more seriously the strategic nature of the role our “IT manager” plays in our business.


    Whether the IT manager is the business owner him/herself or a dedicated staff member, the question needs to be asked whether that person is indeed equipped with all the skills necessary to serve as a CIO to our business.


    Because of our heavy reliance on technology to deliver core business services and in many cases generate revenue, both large and small businesses today require someone in the organisation to be fluent in IT strategy, operations and budgeting as well as have the business communication and negotiation skills to navigate service and product contracts, risk management strategies and myriad other technological landscapes.


    Although most mid-sized businesses do indeed have dedicated technology staff within the organisation, it can be challenging to know precisely when a full-time CIO is warranted and will deliver value to the business that surpasses the cost of maintaining someone in that role.


    The reality is that many small and mid-sized businesses absolutely need the higher-level business skills that a CIO offers but can’t quite justify the cost of a full-time CIO. This is where a Virtual CIO can offer the perfect solution.


    A Virtual CIO is a person or a business who can be available to an organisation on an as-needed basis to help guide the strategic and tactical technology decisions and ensure the desired outcomes are tied to specific business requirements.


    Beyond simply serving as immediate crisis managers and problem solvers, a Virtual CIO helps look at the big-picture technology direction for the organisation and address the root cause issues behind the technology problems that crop up.


    A Virtual CIO is not learning on the job, they typically bring years if not decades of experience in designing and implementing long-term technology strategies that deliver maximum output for minimal spend.


    Is your IT Manager fulfilling the CIO position in your organisation? Does he/she routinely:


    • investigate how to reduce the cost, risk and complexity of your systems right across your business?
    • strive to increase the stability and efficiency of your technology environment?
    • take stock of what new and innovative technologies are available today that might unlock the value that lies underutilised across your network?
    • improve your application delivery and user experience or connect up disparate functions of your network to help you extract valuable insights from your business data?
    • optimize your systems to deliver outcomes that are directly aligned with your strategic objectives?


    If any of the above tasks are being overlooked in your organisation, it may be time to consider how a Virtual CIO can get your business’ technology strategy fully optimised for the future. It can be quite powerful to consider what it would mean to your business if your IT systems, rather than hindering your growth, instead became one of your strongest competitive advantages.

    What would that be worth to you?

    Contact us today to discuss how easy and cost effective a Virtual CIO service can be for your business.