Is Your Domain Name Perfect for Your Business?

    When you went searching for the perfect domain name to match your business, was your first choice available or did you have to compromise because all the best names were gone?
    These days it is so important to have a domain name that is as near identical to the business name or primary services offered as possible. Unfortunately it’s also getting exceedingly difficult to do with millions of new domain names being registered EVERY DAY.
    However a whole new world of domain name opportunities – called Generic Top Level Domain Names – are being released to the public on a regular basis.
    New top-level domains such as .cafe, .realestate, .expert or .construction are in various stages of release and pre-release allowing business and individuals to register more creative domain names than the traditional .com, .net, and .org that have been available in the past.
    Could a fresh new domain name apply to you?  Absolutely.  Here’s why
    While these new domain names are still relatively new, there is a window of opportunity to register an exciting domain name for your business or pre-register for an upcoming domain name before these too get snapped up into the void.
    Curious about which new domains are coming available?  Enter your email address to receive a downloadable list of existing and upcoming domain names. You’ll never know what you might find!
    Then, if you are interested in registering or preregistering a suitable domain name, or if you are curious when your *perfect* domain name might be coming available, please contact the MGR IT team today.