The Support Plus structure allows MGR IT to proactively manage your system and provide timely support for a fixed monthly rate.The major benefits of the MGR IT Support Plus package include:

  • Priority access to MGR IT qualified experts.
  • Access to expert knowledge of current trends in IT and technologies.
  • System performance and reliability are optimised through management of the system, rather than waiting to fix things when they go wrong.
  • Peace of mind, with the knowledge that your IT environment is being monitored constantly. You are able to focus on running your organisation, not your IT system.
  • Predictability of support costs.


  • Constant monitoring of all computers and network components for errors, trends and performance issues.
  • Fixed monthly pricing based on the size and complexity of the systems under management including unlimited phone and remote support. Remote support provided via remote control function installed on every computer.
  • System maintenance tasks, such as patch management, disk defragmentation, PC Clean-ups, etc. performed remotely as required.
  • Weekly Executive Summary report via e-mail, covering current system health and summary of services performed.
  • All services covered by a Service Level Agreement

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